The Critical Lawyers Handbook Volume 1



1: Critical Legal Theory

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Alan Thomson Foreword: Critical Approaches to Law
Who Needs Legal Theory?
David Kairys The Politics of Law: A Progressive Critique
Robert Fine & Sol Picciotto On Marxist Critiques of Law
Anne Bottomley Feminism: Paradoxes of the Double Bind
Costas Douzinas & Ken Foster The (Im)possible Pedagogical Politics of (the law of) Postmodernism
Sammy Adelman & Ken Foster Critical Legal Theory: The Power of Law
Peter Fitzpatrick Law as Resistance

2: Critical Legal Education

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Duncan Kennedy Legal Education as Training for Hierarchy
Alan Hunt Critique and Law: Legal Education and Practice
Alan Thomson The Law of Contract
Alan Norrie Criminal Law
Joanne Conaghan & Wade Mansell Tort Law
Andy Clark, Kate Green & Nick Jackson Property Law
Ian Grigg-Spall, Paddy Ireland & Dave Kelly Company Law
Alastair Edie, Ian Grigg-Spall & Paddy Ireland Labour Law
Richard de Friend Constitutional Law
Joanne Scott European Law
Ian Grigg-Spall & Paddy Ireland Afterword: Law's (Un)spoken (Pre)sumptuous (Pre)suppositions

3: Critical Legal Practice

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Kim Economides & Ole Hansen Critical Legal Practice: Beyond Abstract Radicalism
John Fitzpatrick Legal Practice and Socialist Practice
Michael Mansfield QC Critical Legal Practice and the Bar
Paul Harris The Politics of Law Practice`
David Watkinson Radical Chambers, Wellington Street: A Personal View
John Fitzpatrick Collective Working in Law Centres
Bill Bowring Socialism, Liberation Struggles and the Law
Kate Markus The Politics of Legal Aid

4: Critical Lawyers' Groups

Richard Carroll, Ian Grigg-Spall and Lorraine Talbot

5: An Alternative Guide to Solicitors' Firms and Bar Chambers

Ian Grigg-Spall and Mollie Roots

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